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Breeder reactor

20121226_000030My project of a breeder reactor:

The core is made of a lead box and is divided in 9 squares each squares mesures 30*30mm.

The Breeder reactor will be fuelled  by U3O8 in a cube surrounded by aluminium foil, the core was 26 cubes of U3O8 and a cube each was americium and foil to make neutrons.

In the next wekend want go to the uranium mines and retrive a lot of ore, after processes the ore and extract the uranium U3O8 will post some updates to this project

Radiation detectors (CD V-700)

This is my radiantion detectos, the CD V-750 Dosimeter Chargers and the CD V-742 Dosimeter (the yellow pen),the CD V-700 is my most used item is a geiger counter,and the  CD V715 it only mesures high level of radiantion.

The overall cost was around 270€ (price+ shipping + customs).

In the nest wekend I will travel to the center of Portugal (my country :D) and explore some Uranium deposites to retrieve some uranium ore for later use it in my prototype of a breeder reactor!

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Special Nuclear Material

Uranyl peroxide Uranium and its pure compounds are just not readily available to the amateur scientist, element collector, or student in 2008. So what is one to do? Make these materials oneself, of course. (At left is a quantity of home-baked yellowcake.)

This is the inaugural post in what will become a short series, detailing how uranium and various pure compounds can be refined from the brute earth to serve personal needs. There are differences between what is done in industrial mining / milling operations and what can be realistically accomplished in a typical American domicile. There are also differences in the raw materials that could be obtained back in the good old days when our favorite applied inorganic chemistry texts were written (“Borrow a gallon of fuming nitric acid and some glycerin from your science-teacher…”), versus what can be obtained in the paranoid, restrictive world of today. Thus, my approach to…

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